Fall Academy

Horsemanship Lessons and more with The Academy

The relationship with the Horse is the most amazing relationship
your child will experience!

The purpose of this program is to be helpful for parents in these times of “new ways to educate”, while also teaching children about horses where they are challenged, have fun and can be outside in nature with others.

Our Academy provides safe, educational support and physically challenging activities for school-aged children, grade K-12, Monday through Friday. We provide a variety of ranch experiences encouraging each child to use their individual abilities to reach their full potential while gaining new experiences for personal growth. We provide an atmosphere in which the child can learn, share, and be a supportive member of a team, as well as a team leader.

Horsemanship Lessons and more with The Academy

We have 5 Day, 3 Day, or 2 Day Options. Click Here to enroll